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 Hot Lava is a bi-annual event coordinated by the Mt Hood Miata Club.  It's a multi-day event with Miatas from all over the US and Canada.  Stay tuned for the details of our next event! 
Enjoy these pictures from our 2018 event and join the mailing list to be notified when the next Hot Lava is announced!  [Please note this mailing list is for Non-Members only.  Members will be notified through normal club communications.]  We are currently discussing options for the next Hot Lava event, pending any COVID-19 and weather/wildfire changes.

If you have suggestions for the next event or would like to be a part of the planning committee please contact the webmaster by email.  We would love to hear from you! 

 This is for Hot Lava communication for Non-Members only.  We do not share, sell or otherwise use your information, it is solely for the purpose of Hot Lava communications from the Mt Hood Miata Club.

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2018-09 Hot Lava 2017+1 [aka 2018]

Hot Lava is traditionally a biannual event hosted and organized by the Mt Hood Miata Club, with exceptions for Covid and weather events/wildfires.  What started as a group of roughly 15 Miatas from Oregon and Washington meeting for a day long run over a decade ago has now grown to a multi-day event that draws Miata lovers from all regions of the US and Canada. 

Over 100 participants travel in their Miatas to our three day event where we gather, eat good food, admire the many Miatas, and drive great roads!  The name Hot Lava came from the concept that each event was centered around a Volcano or Mountain in Oregon and SW Washington.  We reserve the right to stretch beyond the Lava, and for fun twisties we will drive most anywhere!

Our Sponsors receive much love and recognition on our printed materials, the Hot Lava Event webpage, and throughout our event communications, as well as at the event itself.  Sponsorship can be in the form of funds to pay for certain parts of the event, raffle items, and we are open to other ideas our Sponsors would like to offer.  The sky is the limit!  If you are interested in Sponsorship for other club events please let us know.

To join our amazing group of Sponsors please contact our Webmaster by email or using our Contact Us page.